TExES Test Scoring, Passing and Reporting

All about TExES Test Scores, Passing and Reporting

Texas Examinations of Educator Standards (TExES) are the standard certification examinations for teaching professionals in Texas.

To take the exam in your specific subject area, you must create an account and answer the questions to get a passing score. However, you may have many concerns regarding the whole process. So, here is a simplified explanation where we answer the most common doubts of prospective teachers.

What is the grading process for TExES tests?

If you choose to take the selected-response type of TExES test, each question for which you answer correctly will be awarded points. At the same time, if you pick a wrong option for any question, there will be no penalty for that, and your overall score will not decrease. So, keeping this in mind, it is better that you answer the maximum number of answers possible, even when you are not very confident about getting them right.

On the other hand, you may take an exam that needs you to answer in constructed-response components. Then those written or spoken answers will be graded by trained scorers. Irrespective of whether you take one type of exam or both of these, this is the usual process of awarding points. Your final performance in the test will reflect the scaled score, which is the conversion of the overall points awarded to you.

How much should I score on the TExES exam to qualify?

All certificate exams in TExES are graded on the same converted scaled scoring range. In order to qualify a test, you have to achieve a passing score of 240 or more. All the examinees score between 100 and 300; not more and not less. Depending on your scores on each subtest, your overall test result can be declared as “pass” or “not pass.”

When are my TExES scores reported?

As you may know, there are two types of tests: questions with selected-response components and constructed-response type of test.

Most of the selected-response TExES exams are evaluated quickly as they are continuously administered computerized adaptive testing (CAT) exams. Hence, you also receive your scores within 7 to 10 business days.

The only exceptions for this 7-day policy are the limited administration CAT exams and paper-based testing (PBT) exams or constructed-response assignments, which will be evaluated by trained scorers, and hence it may take more time, about 28 days, for you to get your scores.

Where are my TExES scores reported?

Upon your account registration, you may choose the option to have your test results emailed to you. On the report date for the exam/submission date, from 10:00 p.m. Central time, you will be able to access your scores in your account.

Your testing history and results of all the exams/assessments you had taken since September 1, 2006, until the present date will also be made available in your account. But for AAFCS exams, only the scores and information of tests taken after September 9, 2019, will be available.

Who else can have access to my test scores?

Aside from you, the Texas Education Agency (TEA) has access to your scores. On your behalf, your TExES exam results will also be sent to the EPPs (Educator Preparation Programs) in which you are registered.

Can there be any reporting delays?

Possible reasons for reporting delays may be:

  • Revised exams need more time for the administrators to analyze your overall performance as per the new passing standards established.
  • If you have taken a newly-introduced test, there could be a reporting delay.
  • Improper registration or if the administrator’s directions are not followed, your scores may be delayed.
  • You may receive your test scores late if there are some issues with your registration or payment.

Is there an expiration for my TExES scores?

Unless there are changes made to the TExES test, your test scores remain valid. Even then, you will receive the information before a notice time of at least a couple of years. There is no known situation until now where the core subject tests were changed. Still, if you already got fully certified, any test changes will not affect your score, and you will not need to appear for the new test. In case you got your test score, but are waiting for the certification, your results will be valid until the time the test is changed.

Can I request a TExES score review?

Examinees who do not achieve a passing score can go for a score review. You can check the list of tests available for score review on this page.

Request a score buttons

Request a score buttons

Submit your score review request before the completion of three months from the exam date. Only one request per exam appointment is allowed.

To get a score review, complete this request form and mail it to the address mentioned on the form, after making the correct payment. After receiving your request for the eligible exam and the correct payment, the score review results will be available to you within 4 to 6 weeks. All score review results are final and you will be notified accordingly, and:

  1. If the score remains the same as the original, your fee is not refunded.
  2. If the score result changes, but not the passing status, your fee is not refunded. The updated score report can be accessed on your testing account and the same is sent to the TEA.
  3. If the score result and the passing status change, your fee is refunded. You can access your updated score report in your account and the same is sent to the TEA.