Becoming a Teacher – 5 Reasons to Know for Sure

5 Reasons to Become a Teacher

Have you given a thought to becoming a teacher? Education can be a great career. It is satisfying and fulfilling. Whether you want to teach high school or go into a middle level or elementary education, teaching can be a very rewarding experience. If you are looking for reasons to become a teacher, here are the top five reasons why teachers fall in love with their profession and stay into teaching for their lifetime.

1. Continuous learning

When you’re teaching something, you get to learn something in return. And almost all teachers agree that learning is a lifelong process. Inside the classroom, it’s not just the kids getting an education. Even the teachers get to learn from children. As they find creative ways to teach their students, they learn new things related to their subjects. They learn how to increase curiosity in children. And if you teach more than one subject, you learn multiple things about each subject. When you learn something new every day, you upgrade yourself and become a more knowledgeable person.

2. Student success

As a teacher, you can be a motivation for students. There are several schools in Texas that are currently running low on good teachers. You can become a caring and motivating teacher to inspire your students. If you are a good teacher, your students will follow you and owe their success to you. They will look up to you and be grateful to you for giving them good values. If you ask any teacher, they’ll tell you how much they enjoy hearing from their old students as they take pride in knowing that they have acted as a positive influence on the lives of children.

3. Salary

Since teachers are able to shape the minds of young ones, many people think that they should earn more than what they do. They often argue that teachers are big contributors to society and they deserve good salaries. And that’s true. According to the Labor statistics data, the teachers of elementary school earn more than $55,000 per year on average. This figure is higher for middle and secondary schools. This is a good salary, and definitely another good reason to become a teacher.

4. Stable career

A teaching career in Texas is pretty stable. Once you get a job in the education industry, you will almost never be replaced. Also, teachers are highly demanded in schools that have underrepresented people. There are some teaching jobs where you can get reduced student loans. Some teachers also get career mobility. While you may have to start in a classroom, you can move to academic administration with advanced certification. You can become a community activist, a guidance counselor, or even a principal of a school.

5. Long vacations

Apart from these features, you’ll also get a comfortable vacation time and short breaks in between when the school closes. During this time, you can earn extra money by taking a short-term job. A teaching job in Texas is also a low-stress job where you have fixed working hours and no office stress to ruin your peace of mind.

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